7 februari 2022

19.30, online

Anthropocene Support Group – Film & Discussion (see link)

“Day after Trinity” 

20 januari 2022

15.00-17.00 @Zoom

Anthropocene Reading Group – Earth System Governance by prof. Frank Biermann

Literature: Frank Biermann – The Anthropocene: A governance perspective (2014), The Anthropocene Review, 1(1).
Frank Biermann – The future of ‘environmental’ policy in the Anthropocene: time for a paradigm shift (2021), Environmental Politics, 30(1-2)

26 november 2021

9.00-11.00 @Zoom

Anthropocene Reading Group – Invasive Species introduced by Vincent

Literature: Emily Wanderer – The Life of the Pest (2020)
Introduction & Chapter 2 The Care of the Pest and Animal Betrayals 

1 juli 2021

Anthropocene Support GroupRe-imagining Academia, open discussion 

7 juni 2021

13.00-15.00 @Zoom

Anthropocene Reading GroupStengers introduced by Jesse

Literature: Isabelle Stengers – In Catastrophic Times (2015)
Chapters 1, 2, 3 and 16

See the post on the ARCHAIC

28 mei 2021

14.00-15.00 @Zoom

Anthropocene Support GroupDialogue on Politics

30 april 2021

13.00-15.00 @Zoom

Anthropocene Reading Group – Climate activism with Malm introduced by Anna
Special Guest: Andreas Malm

Literature: Andreas Malm – How To Blow Up A Pipeline (2019)

See the post on the ARCHAIC

22 april 2021

19.30-21.30 @Zoom


Anthropocene Support Group – Fermentatie avond! organised by Boris van Meurs and Dennis Hamer

Manon Henzen (Eet!Verleden);
Steven Geysens (Those Vegan Cowboys);
Christian Weij (Verrot Lekker);
Boris van Meurs (Radboud Universiteit).

See the post on the ARCHAIC

24 maart 2021

15.00-17.00 @Zoom

Anthropocene Reading Group – The Many Worlds of the Anthropocene 

Many contributions:

Lisa Doeland -Derrida and Worlds
Anna Rafecas Sogas Gaia and World
Dennis Hamer Haraway and Worlding
Tjesse Riemersma Latour and Living in Different Worlds
Maarten Meijer – World and Badiou
Boris van Meurs – Heidegger’s Welt
Emma Hissink Muller – James’s Pluriverse

8 februari 2021

15.00-17.00 @Zoom

Anthropocene Reading GroupRace and Posthumanism introduced by Emma Hissink Muller

Literature: Cristin Ellis – Posthumanism and the Problem of Social Justice: Race and Materiality in the Twenty-First Century (2018)
Chapter 4

See the post on the ARCHAIC

14 january 2021

15.00-17.00 @Zoom

Anthropocene Reading GroupIPCC Report introduced by Carlijn Hendriks

Literature:  https://archive.ipcc.ch/pdf/assessment-report/ar5/syr/AR5_SYR_FINAL_SPM.pdf

See the post on the ARCHAIC

10 december 2020

15.00-17.00 @Zoom

Anthropocene Reading GroupThe Three Ecologies introduced by Jeroen Boom

Literature: Felix Guattari – The Three Ecologies
Pp. 27-53.

9 november 2020

10.00-12.00 @Zoom

Anthropocene Reading GroupThe Cosmogonauts of the Anthropocene Highway introduced by Dennis Hamer

Neil Gaiman – Norse Mythology
Robin Wall Kimmerer – Braiding Sweetgrass
Stephen Fry – Mythos
Sam Mickey, Mary Evelyn Tucker, John Grim – Living Earth Community

15 oktober 2020

13.00-15.00, Heumensoord, Nijmegen.

Anthropocene Support Group
Reflection walk

18 september 2020

Anthropocene Reading GroupAgainst Hybridism introduced by Monique Peperkamp

Literature: Andreas Malm – Against Hybridism (article from chapter 2 from The Progress of this Storm (2018)).

30 juli 2020

13.00 @EOS, Radboud campus

Anthropocene Support GroupDeeptime Walk by Dennis Hamer and Boris van Meurs

15 juli 2020

13.00 @Jitsi

Anthropocene Reading Group –  Chakrabarty introduced by Maria Karssenberg

Literature: Charkabarty’s Anthropocene Time

4 juni 2020


Anthropocene Reading GroupSoil and Sociology by Maarten Meijer

Literature: Salvatore Engel-Di Mauro – Soils, Ecology and the Left
Chapter 1

20 april 2020


Anthropocene Reading GroupClimate & Neighness Introduced by Wouter Veldman

Literature: Stefan Skrimshire – Climate Change and Apocalyptic Faith (2013)

16 maart 2020

Anthropocene Reading GroupNames of the Anthropocene, open session

Literature: Jamie Lorimer – The Anthropo-scene: A guide for the perplexed

20 februari 2020

9:30-11:00 @Erasmus gebouw, Radboud Campus, E16.18.

Anthropocene Reading GroupBuster Keaton introduced by Jeroen Boom

Literature: Jennifer Fay – Buster Keaton’s Climate Change
and Inhospitable World

Movie: Steamboat Bill (1928)

14 januari 2020

15:15-16:45 @Erasmus gebouw, Radboud Campus, E16.18

Anthropocene Reading GroupLovelock’s Gaia introduced by Dennis Hamer

Literature: James E. Lovelock & Lynn Margulis Atmospheric homeostasis by and
for the biosphere: the gaia hypothesis (1974) 

Lovelock – Letter to The Editors: Gaia as Seen Through The Atmosphere

26 november 2019

14.30-16.00 @Erasmus gebouw, Radboud Campus, 14th floor.

Anthropocene Reading GroupVernadsky’s Biosphere introduced by Roman

Literature: Vladimir Vernadsky The Biosphere and the Noösphere