The ARCHAIC is the overarching name of several initiatives such as our interdisciplinary reading group. The ARCHAIC captures the aim to not just study but also change the world, to find new zones of collaboration among the sciences, humans, humus and the many critters on earth without which we would be nothing. The name is of course, also a nod to the archaic, the deep past of the earth that nevertheless is still very much present in many expected and unexpected ways.

About the ARCHAIC 1_WEB

The Anthropocene Reading Group (ARG) is an interdisciplinary reading group hosted by PhD researcher Boris van Meurs at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. In this group, we study texts from different fields of the discussion on what the Anthropocene is. Each time one of us introduces a text that he/she finds fascinating and we have a discussion about its implications. The group consists of scientists, philosophers, humanities scholars and international relationship scholars. We invite both researchers and motivated students to join our group. We meet once a month, and thus far we have discussed a wide array of topics: Vernadsky’s biosphere, Lovelock’s Gaia theory, politics of soil, cinematic ecocriticism, ecomarxism, Guattari’s three ecologies, IPCC report, race and posthumanism.

We would love to broaden our perspective even further and to work on establishing a thorough interdisciplinary network of researchers interested in the Anthropocene and climate change. If you are interested in participating in the reading group or in one of the other initiatives, you can email us at