“Changing times require changing ideas and changing actions”

Boris van Meurs and I co-found the ARCHAIC as a platform for the debates the Anthropocene evokes in The Netherlands. We have aimed to encourage a wide array of disciplinary views including the arts and sciences. The collective is very much run by everyone involved and we have evolved and learned lots since its initial start as a reading group. During its course I have grown from being a geologist and activist concerned with the many states of emergency we are in, to becoming a philosopher of geoscience and a PhD candidate in extractives landscapes at the University of Glasgow. I owe a great deal of motivation and sense of collective engagement to this group and am committed to keep discussing the many uncomfortable themes of the Anthropocene in a collective manner.


I am driven to understand the many different relationships between the earth and society, the ways different disciplines interrelate and the changing roles different sciences can play in the Anthropocene. I believe a critical view on different knowledges and their applications is necessary to overcome the situation of crisis we currently find ourselves in. Hoping to contribute to this I like to propose the challenge of better understanding the earth within the human sciences and a more embodied perception of the world within the natural sciences.Furthermore I am interested in how ways outside the typical academic ways can contribute to the exploration of human-environment relationships, such as through creative writing, activism, radio making, education and other ways of engaging with non-academic spaces