“Development is more than progress”

End 2019 I joined the ARCHAIC because I have been interested in the Anthropocene since I have followed the course: Nature? In the Anthropocene (2018) from the UvA during my bachelor in Natural and Social Sciences. During my researchmaster in Metaphysics at Radboud the ARCHAIC allowed me to engage with the interdisciplinary issues, such as environmental politics, environmental racism, animal welfare and green technology, from a philosophical angle. Currently, in my job as researcher and advisor at a consultancy, the ARCHAIC continues to be a place to connect, discover and deepen insights. 


The organisational side of science, politics, and institutes always catches my attention. I engage in ethics, (sustainable) development discourses and notions of nature and reality mostly in regard to concerns of plurality and sharing a common world. 

I love doing sports (dance, handball, acromoves, fitness), reading books, being in nature and listening/making music.