“Making minds grow giddy”

Maria Karssenberg and I started the ARCHAIC in order to assemble as many minds as possible that happened to be thinking about our relation to planet Earth and its many inhabitants. As there will be no master theory about how to live on Earth, I place my bets on co-operation and synergy, on building secret passages together. Perhaps then we can find trajectories from the high brow theory that seems to be the currency of academia towards practical life. Together I hope we can discover concepts that speak to us as breathing, feeling, hungering beings.


I feel fascinated by anything that grows, lives, and changes. I chase ideas that were developed out of honest concern for the world. Next to my academic work, I love my wife and child, books, and more books. I like playing music, taking walks and writing poems, staring at insects, growing and fermenting foods, and I hope to one day start our own food forest.