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Anthropocene Reading Group (ARG)

In this interdisciplinary reading group we study different important texts within the Anthropocene

From the depths of geological strata to the outer limits of Gaia, we have go it all covered.

See the agenda to check what we are reading next.

See the blog to read previous reflections on our reading sessions.
Our entanglements become ever more complex, like an underground mycorrhizal network.

Come join us if you feel like you would like to contribute to our ongoing research.

Deep Time Walk (DTW)


A Deep Time Walk is a 4.6 kilometer guided journey through the history of the earth, developed by Stephan Harding and Peter Oswald.

Imagine that you are transported back towards the origins of earth: a world of molten rock, runaway greenhouse gases, and yet completely lifeless. Each meter you travel one million years back towards the present.

Along this journey you’ll learn about the history of the earth system and the birth of Gaia.

Currently, Dennis, Maria and Boris guide the ARCHAIC’s Deep Time Walks. Check the agenda to see if there is one planned at the moment.
Conferences, Symposia, Lectures

The ARCHAIC also organizes lectures, conferences, symposia related to the Anthropocene.

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Creation Space

Together we can do more than alone.

You don’t have to tell that to the millions of bacteria living in your gut.

Perhaps we can learn from them.

We occasionally plan creation space sessions, to work simultaneously on our shared or separate projects.

Get feedback, share ideas, take time to finally get to doing those projects that you have been postponing.

See the agenda for when the next session will be, or contact us.